Payments FAQs

No, we do not offer monthly subscriptions.
Our contract policy is based on an annual subscription.
However, we do offer both quarterly payments including a 5% processing fee payable upfront.

If the name, address or expiration date change on your credit card, please update it.

You may update your payment methods by clicking here. If you are not logged in, you will be asked to do so then re-directed to the My Payment Methods page.
You can also reach this page at any time by clicking My Account at the top of this page (if you are logged in, you can access My Account by clicking on your email address), then My Payment Methods under the My Profile heading.

From this screen, you can access and update your credit card information.

We support two payment options:
  • Major Credit Cards: We will charge your card automatically each billing period and send an invoice indicating that your card has been charged.
  • Corporate Billing: We will send a payable invoice by check (if you are located within the U.S.) or wire transfer (if you are located internationally)
?Note that payment by credit card is required for any annual agreement under $2500.

Yes. We will email you an invoice every billing period as specified in your agreement. If you are set up with payment by credit card, you will receive an invoice indicating that your credit card has been charged.

Yes. If you chose a Credit Card payment method, we will automatically charge you credit card in advance and for the period defined in your agreement (quarterly, annually or other).

We will shutdown your service if late payment goes past 60 days.

The signup fee is part of your annual initial subscription and is not refundable.

When you upgrade a service you will pay the difference between your previous sign up fee and the one you are upgrading to.

For example, if you previously subscribed to a $299/month service with a $299 signup fee and want to upgrade to a $499/month service with a $499 signup fee you would pay a $200 incremental signup fee ($499-$299) upon upgrading.